Threat Management and warm and fluffiness.

For the longest time. we have all wanted cyber security. something about being an IT professional we or at least I like to have backup plans and early warning’s on issues.

So  in the interest of time and the 30 second scanning of this page may I present the old fun way to watch the world go bat-carp crazy:

Norsecorp Map (you will notice it too has died.) So why talk about this? Well it was the most popular until sunday the 31st of january 2016. CEO steps down Employees laid off the whole IT kinda life.

However now there a is a list of fun ones to fix our woes.


Oh and don’t forget a small list of others.

choose and waste time for a few minutes and be skeptical.

However just enjoy!

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Gaining Wireless Password

Yes this requires you to at one time connected to a wireless device.

In windows admin console. Type: netsh wlan show profile name=<ssid> key=clear

woohoo and now you know.

This brought to you by: Joe Levi Go Fund Me *Save the Bees*

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Jordan River Parkway Ride

Biking on the Jordan River Parkway.

**If you dont like the music it will end after 2 min.

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