New IIS Preview

I have a long love hate relationship with IIS and its iterations.

That said this looks awesome.

I setup a test that took like 5 min to setup. It does require an access token (that does expire).

More to come obviously.

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Adding Search Suffix via Registry

How many times have you attempted to search across multiple domains and cannot find them. Well here is the easy way to set them.

Your welcome


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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Write a complicated VBscript to create a link

First you have to create a small text file by the name mkshortcut.vbs. Use your favorite text editor to edit the file, even notepad will do. Then copy the following text and paste it into the file:

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell” )
set oShellLink = WshShell.CreateShortcut(Wscript.Arguments.Named(“shortcut”) & “.lnk”)
oShellLink.TargetPath = Wscript.Arguments.Named(“target”)
oShellLink.WindowStyle = 1

Then save the file and exit the editor. Make sure that you move the file in a directory in your PATH (usually C:WINDOWS\System32 is fine). Now, from the command line you can create shortcuts this way:

mkshortcut /target:TargetName /shortcut:c:\users\<you>\desktop\ShortcutName

You will have to replace TargetName with the name of the target file and ShortcutName with the name of the shortcut to be created (do not include a .lnk extension!). For example:

C:>mkshortcut /target:”c:/documents and settings/<you>/desktop” /shortcut:”My Desktop”

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