Commerce Server 2007: Determine the Service Pack (Lookup Script)

To those whom love Commerce Server 2007 as much as I do. Here is a little script to help you determine the Service Pack level of each database.

use MSCS_Admin
select s_PropertyName, s_Value
From dbo.resourceProps

This will return multiple values. This is helpful in knowing if you have Commerce Server 2007 installed correctly as well as helping you to identify the correct service pack upgrade number per database.


Transaction Database = 7.0

Transaction Config Database = 7.0

Product Catalog Database = 7.2

Inventory Database = 7.1

Direct Mailer Database = 6.0



Transaction Database = 7.1

Transaction Config Database = 7.1

Product Catalog Database = 7.3

Inventory Database = 7.2

Direct Mailer Database = 6.0




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