Shutdown Server Services on your Server

Um  so you know its your dream to use windows server 2003/2008 as your desktop Operating system right? So most of you just said no. However for the small amount that might just be curious here is a little script to stop installed server applications built into these server installs.


@echo off

    set /p _input="Server? [y/n]"

    if %_input% equ y (
        echo Starting server services…
        sc start HTTPFilter     REM HTTP SSL
        sc start IISADMIN        REM IIS Admin
        sc start lanmanserver    REM Server
        sc start MSSQLSERVER    REM SQL Server
        sc start SQLBrowser        REM SQL Server Browser
        sc start SQLWriter        REM SQL Server VSS Writer
        sc start W3SVC            REM World Wide Web Publishing
        sc start WebClient        REM WebClient

        set /p ="Hit any key to continue…"
    ) else (
        echo STOPPING server services…
        sc stop HTTPFilter
        sc stop IISADMIN
        sc stop lanmanserver
        sc stop MSSQLSERVER
        sc stop SQLBrowser
        sc stop SQLWriter
        sc stop W3SVC
        sc stop WebClient

        set /p ="Hit any key to continue…"


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