XML Editing on the cheap

If you follow this blog at all you will notice a small amount of how to use xml in many ways. For those who do not know what XML is here have a look.

I have been editing flat file databases as well as old ini files for ever and a day. Trying to squeeze the better performance or squeak out a edit that one of the windows teams forgot to get rid of in a build of the windows operating system that gives more enhanced features to well everything.3145391821_bccf8dd968_b

Since XML has been taken on not only configuration as well as data access strings it makes it perfect for fast editing and multiple platforms can understand the format.

In fact if you go to any web development conference you cannot escape the REST or XML interfaces when pulling in data from other sites. In fact if you followed me during MIX08 you would see all the great mashing you can do.

Its almost sickening when I come across a XML file that I must see what is inside.

So here are just two of my more favorite XML viewers.

Notepad2 <-I know I have pimped this a lot.

XMLVisualizer <-Ever need to do a deep tag edit you need to use this.

These are two free tools I use on a constant basis. If you see or know of better let me know.

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