M3u Playlists and how to Generate the sugary goodness that is

I swear I wrote an article on this very subject like 2 years ago. However its not on google or any other indexing site so.

Here goes how to do this in Windows (any version (any that can understand a exe or bat file (to which is all(come on correct me please.)))).

Playlist generators are a plenty on the interwebs. None that I can find are free. All basically use this formula to create a playlist:


“ dir /o:n /b *.mp3, *.wma, *.ogg, *.whateveryouwant > HappyPlaylist.m3u “

This will simply create a playlist with all the files found in the specific directory you run it in.

Now for the sugary easy of running without having to see the command line.

Create a new text document. Call it my playlist.bat

copy this to the text inside the bat.

@echo off

dir /o:n /b *.mp3, *.wma, *.ogg > Playlist.m3u

After that is pasted save and copy the bat to your music folder and double click. you will see a new file created called playlist.m3u. Now you can double click it and run it in your favorite media player.


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