Achtung!: How to beef up your security with these easy steps

Achtung!: How to beef up your security with these easy steps

German companies, led by European aerospace firm EADS, bared to the public that they have been receiving huge waves of cyber-attacks with trace origins leading to Chinese IP addresses being used by hackers last month. Despite not divulging the gravity of the damage brought by Chinese cyber-terrorists, it could be implied that the attacks are serious since they reported it to the German government. Aside from EADS, other German firms like Bayer and IBM’s German headquarters acknowledged that their servers also suffered hackings for the past few months. In light of these recent incidents of hackings, German foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst is planning to create a special unit that will infiltrate the hackers’ computers and cripple them. Since we cannot expect the government to do all the security measures, here are some things we can do to prevent hackers from getting into our systems.

Use incognito/private browsing mode

Some web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox understand the importance of spotless browsing in case you need to browse sites with sensitive information such as social security and bank accounts. Incognito mode (or Private Browsing for Firefox users) allows users to visit sites without leaving any trace materials such as browsing history, search and input forms, downloads, and many more. For instance, you want to play during office hours when there’s no work to do and you’re using a common computer. The easiest solution to leave no pieces of evidence behind is to play at Incognito mode. Pair it with an anonymizer tool like Tor and you’ll have a completely safe and anonymous poker browsing. Security is important to online poker players since there is actually real money moving in and out of their accounts. After all, how can you concentrate on your poker matches when you think your games are being monitored by people with evil intentions?

Install Internet Security Software Suite

Most pieces of software now come on packages where you can have all necessary features like anti-spyware and malware, advance firewall, and Internet security all in one nifty box. While it seems that paying premium for a bundle of software is a waste, think about the savings you can get from getting all those individually. Before you purchase however, check out software reviews first made by tech sites like CNet, Gizmodo, and including sci-tech sections of The New York Times and The Guardian.

Avoid public computers or connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots

Sure, using public computers such as internet cafés and connecting to public hotspots can provide cheap or even free Internet connection for a while. But this also comes with risks. Public hotspots and computer shops are primary hunting grounds for phishers and hackers where they can get sensitive data from people connected there. If you cannot avoid connecting to public websites or use public computers, you might want to use proxies. Better yet, avoid these places.

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