DNS level blocking

Since the news broke about OpenDNS being purchased by Cisco.

The Home Network and Small office network admins are running a muck about pricing and alternatives.

If you dont know. OpenDNS has been the leader in internet filtering for quite some time. So with Cisco purchasing (or rumored to) OpenDNS, makes people nervous that OpenDNS will abandon the free DNS filtering it gives away currently.

So here is a list of alternatives that I could find in the minutes I was looking.

Norton ConnectSafe

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:


Or you want to get real crazy

DNS Redirector

Google DNS <-Non Blocking just fast. (

Xmission offers a Proxy <- DansGuardian

Or create your own by using a gateway server with a long nasty host file. <- Could be fun.

*Update: OPenNic*

**This is not a definitive list, Just something to start with. Please leave your favorite in comments.**

Enjoy and pick wisely.

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