Video file stitching options

So you want to upload your cat video’s/little ones recital of something to facebook, twitter or youtube but you have video that was stopped and then restarted.

Which I found some of my gaming video capture was doing. Lag or something. I don’t quite know or care.

</BeginOfSoapBox — The software I chose was bandicam. Great software poor editing. Unless you want to shell out more money for the bandicut..

In my attempts to pay for the “bundle” I was forced to use paypal or some avangate or something. Anyway I do not like using paypal and avangate seemed to be just as evil.

I attempted to purchase in another way; Shot down twice. Even attempted to get a preview license. Fat chance.

Anyway bought the software and it is pretty amazing. Except for the editing. like i said you have to buy the bandicut. They have a bundle deal but only through paypal. So screwed out of that software. –EndOfSoapBox/>


What to do…?

Lots of options. You can buy some intensely expensive software to stitch and edit your video. You can get freeware to do it if you know command line well enough.

I found a small way to stitch those wonderful video’s together without all that.

**now this isn’t the best way or even a good way. It is a hope and pray way (mostly because you are cheap)**

So as the windows world goes. There is typically a really watered down way of doing cool things.

For Example:

Joining Mpeg4 files together via command prompt. Whaaat?

So say you have 2 of the same types of files encoded the same way and want to merge them. This has to be the “same type”. Cannot emphasize this more.

Attempt to try this:

Command line:

copy /b "C:\File.mp4" + "C:\File1.mp4" CombinedFile.mp4

Well that seemed easy right? Maybe it works 1 out of 1000 times. Maybe. It does merge the files. Try playing it though. **shame**

So your thinking: I have been lured into this page to learn new tricks and even had to endure a really bad rant. Is this it?

No but I do recommend a freeware that will. AviDemux to do the real work. It works well too.

You can do some of this in FFMpeg. This is a download and discover. Think lots and lots of command line stuff.

Hope this helps and was worth the read.

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