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Adobe PDF will read to you!

Quick post alert! Adobe reader will talk to you check it out. Stop reading PDF and start listening. Here is how to listen from a pdf. You can listen/Audible to any PDF /word instead of reading with Adobe Reader 7 … Continue reading

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Program File Editor Oldie but goodie

I was once a young programmer (ok script kiddie; however those days are over. At least the man thinks so.) I loved writing macro’s, vbscript and jscripts to mostly mess with my friends making their cdrom drives open and close … Continue reading

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Windows Vista SP1 Stole my Snipping tool!

One of the great features of Windows Vista is the Snipping tool. It is just about the only redeeming application in Windows Vista. However when I installed Service Pack 1 The Snipping tool was gone. So a digging I went … Continue reading

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