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Infected by Proxy

Proxy can be a fun adventure. It enables people in different countries to seem to be local to other countries. Can also boost speed and well keep you from baddies’ Need to fix your proxy cause you keep getting sent … Continue reading

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Tweaking a Windows Server for IIS performance

I love performance. In cars and servers and about everything. Call it a passion. Today I am going to share a guideline I created for myself a long time ago. (random Image) Its called Tweaking IIS Web Server: if the … Continue reading

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Ping or Dopp all Hosts via Batch Script

We all love ping. In fact I was at one time thinking of changing the EXE to read Dopp. Due to the “Dopp”ler effect which is essentially what Ping does. I digress once again. (Random picture) Having been an administrator … Continue reading

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