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Why won’t Visual Studio 2008 install on Windows 7

So you got Windows 7 from your local computer retailer. You go and update the software to the “nth” degree. Everything being installed. You get this rather impressive important update for .Net Framework 4.0 client profile. Woot. You think to … Continue reading

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Open SQL Server Ports Via Script

So if you have installed MSSQL as late you will notice the server wants your Firewall disabled. Woot eh? Just think open databases for all. I decided to look a little closer than just opening ports up to the world. … Continue reading

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SQL Owner Change Script

sp_changeobjectowner [ @objname = ] ‘object’ , [ @newowner = ] ‘owner’ SELECT ‘EXEC sp_changeobjectowner ”’+ SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) + ‘.’ + OBJECT_NAME(object_Id) + ”’, ”dbo”’FROM sys.tables In order to change the owner of an object in the current database, use the … Continue reading

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