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A Couple of mime-types for IIS

What is a mime-type and why do you care? Ok not enough time in the world to explain this. If you need the below to work on your web server here you go: Flash Streaming file:flvextension: .flvMIME type: flv-application/octet-stream iPhone … Continue reading

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Tweaking a Windows Server for IIS performance

I love performance. In cars and servers and about everything. Call it a passion. Today I am going to share a guideline I created for myself a long time ago. (random Image) Its called Tweaking IIS Web Server: if the … Continue reading

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A little help from .US Locally

So confusing are my titles at times. Do me a favor and tracert or ping and then read on. I recently read a great article from a great twitter friend Greg Duncan (@gduncan411) which was an article for Scott … Continue reading

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