Enable features in winxp home

So this is a simple way to enable extra features in windows xp home.
This will enable simple networking features and some admin features missing in xp home.
This has to be done to a copy of either oem or upgrade version of xp home.

This is not for piracy just for educational purposes...

It does take a bit of doing but here are the steps in more accurate detail.
1> Copy all the xp home(OEM or Upgrade) files off the disc to a local drive.

2> Next I opened the "I386" folder looked for "winnt.sif" and edited it.
Here is how I run automated installs using this file.

Autopartition = 0
MsDosInitiated = 0
UnattendedInstall = Yes
UnattendMode = FullUnattended
UnattendSwitch = No
OemPreinstall = Yes
OemSkipEula = Yes
FileSystem = *
WaitForReboot = No
NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1
NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1
TargetPath = Windows
ProgramFilesDir = "C:\Program Files"
CommonProgramFilesDir = "C:\Program Files\Common"
DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
[Display] Xresolution = 1024
Yresolution = 768
BitsPerPel = 32
Vrefresh = 75
EncryptedAdminPassword = No
AdminPassword = "Whatever You Want"
TimeZone = 010
OEMSkipRegional = 1
OemSkipWelcome = 1

DefaultThemesOff = Yes
DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes

AutoMode = PerServer
AutoUsers = 20
iis_common = On
iis_inetmgr = On
iis_pwmgr = Off
iis_doc = Off
iis_www = On
Iis_www_vdir_printers = Off
Iis_www_vdir_scripts = Off

ProductKey = "*****-*****-*****-*****-*****" ---THis will enable you to install without putting your product key in!
ComputerName = RENAME_ME
FullName = "Your FUllName"
OrgName = "Your OrgName"

Language = 0409

InstallDefaultComponents = Yes

JoinWorkgroup = workgroup
Here is the file if you want to just edit it yourself. (open in notepad only) winnt.sif .

You can also use Nlite to automate this also.

Editing the setupreg.hiv

"setupreg.hiv" This was the most tricky part.
To do this you need to open up regedit and go to:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Highlight it and click on file and load hive.
Load "i386\Setupreg.hiv".
regedit will ask for a name
name it "Homekey".
Drill down throught this key untill you find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Homekey\ControlSet001\Services\setupdd"
all you have to do is edit the binary key "default" and change all "01" and "02" to "00".
Once you have done this leave the key and reopen it to make sure it took.
Now go back and highlight "Homekey" entry and go to file and "unload hive"
it should ask to where and save it to "i386\Setupreg.hiv".
It will ask you to overwrite the existing.
Go ahead and do so.

You now have a fully usable windows xp pro lite.

Disclaimer: mikedopp.com is firmly opposed to illegal modification of Software and any illegal activity or breaking copyrights.
I post this because this is educational information and not to be used otherwise,
not because I intend to spread piracy and or promote illegal usage of any software or hardware in any circumstance.