Hyper-V Tips

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WGET new Sysinternals Suite


mkdir sysinternals
cd sysinternals

set UNZIP=7z x
set WGET=wget
set DELETE=del
set REMOVEDIR=rmdir /q/s
set TMPDIR=tmp
set BINDIR=.

mkdir %TMPDIR%
mkdir %BINDIR%

set ZIPNAME=Suite
%WGET% http://download.sysinternals.com/Files/SysinternalsSuite.zip -O %TMPDIR%\%ZIPNAME%.zip



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Scripting for user info

Some times out of the blue. Mostly in haste to see if an account has been changed or locked.

I usually use a couple of things.

$User = Read-Host 'User'
Get-ADUser -Identity $User -Properties * |ft Name,PasswordLastSet,PasswordNeverExpires,PasswordExpired,PasswordNotRequired

Easy 2 lines of code in Powershell.

@echo off
title User password state check tool - Max
color 0A
Set /p name=Hello! Please input a username:
echo This is what i managed to find...
net user %name% /domain | FIND /I "Full Name"
net user %name% /domain | FIND /I "Password last set"
net user %name% /domain | FIND /I "Password expires"
net user %name% /domain | FIND /I "Account expires"
echo - Press ENTER to try another username -
pause >nul
goto start

15 Lines in VB script.


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