Over 10 years of professional information technology experience.  Significant experience with Windows Server (200X – 2016 Beta 2) Technologies (IIS 5.1-10),  Linux (Redhat,Ubuntu and Centos), ASP.NET, XML, Visual Studio 2005-2008, HTML, PowerShell, Visual Basic, Batch.  Solid candidate with excellent development skills, strong inter-personal and team leadership skills.  Additional experience with enterprise data architecture, full life cycle development and support of software applications.

Mike Dopp Career Map

Technical Skills

Technologies/Tools: ASP.NET,  XML, HTML, VB Script, Visual Basic, Visual Studio 2005-2008, SharePoint 2007-2010, MSSQL 2000/2005/2008R2,  ADO, ODBC, Subversion, Cruise Control, Commerce Server 2007, IIS6/7/7.5

Computer Systems: Windows 9X-2008R2, Novell, Solaris, Linux

Databases: MSSQL 2000-2014 (SQL Clustering and Failover Clustering), MySQL

Networking: Network Routing and Connectivity (TCP/IP, IPX, UDP),DNS, Active Directory, OpenVPN, OpenSSL, VNC, Remote Desktop and Terminal Services

Hardware: Sun, EMC, Dell, HP/Compaq Servers, IBM

Professional Experience

Lifetime Products, Web Developer/Web Administrator                                        8/2006 – Present

ASP.NET,  MSSQL Subversion, Flash, Silverlight, Cruise Control, CSS, Commerce Server 2007 IIS6.0

  • Lead developer for the global Lifetime Products corporate website (500,000+ monthly page views).
  • Developed www.BuyLifetime.comusing Commerce Server 2007.
  • Re-Developed; after re-developing and optimizing the site, went from $1.3 to $3.5 million annual revenue.
  • Developed B2C e-commerce sites using the StoreFront.Net engine with custom designs (,
  • Designed and Co-Developed (a B2B e-commerce site) to increase accuracy and reduce manual labor required to input merchant orders from emails, faxes, or phone calls.
  • Built and Designed Windows 2008 R2 Infrastructure (Development, Test, Live and Database Servers (MSSQL 2008)) for entire enterprise Web presence.
  • Designed and integrated Subversioning as well as continuous integration (Cruise for entire enterprise development structure.
  • Designed and implemented Subversion as well as continuous integration (Cruise at an enterprise level.
  • Enabled multimedia for using flash and silverlight video.

Intermountain Health Care, PACS System Administrator / Server Administrator / Web Development / Database Administrator                                                                                                           6/2004 – Present

SharePoint 2007, Solaris, Linux, Microsoft 9X-2003, PHP, XHTML, CSS, Oracle, MSSQL 2000, MYSQL

  • Maintain Remote and local support PACS systems throughout the Urban Central Region (4 Hospitals and 5 clinics).
  • Maintain and support Multiple OS (Solaris, Linux, Microsoft 9X-2003).
  • Maintain network connections between various servers and radiology imaging devices.
  • Developed and maintained user interface for install of scanning software.
  • Developed and maintained UCR PACS website using IIS6.0 and Windows 2003 R2.
  • Designed and Built multiple IIS6.0 Web Servers for Sharepoint as well as other .Net Technologies.


Affiliated Services Incorporated, Application Support Specialist / Software and Hardware Support       9/2002 – 6/2004

VPN, VNC, Remote Desktop, HTML, MS Access

  • Maintain internal and external users’ computers and software and update systems and software.
  • Supported external small networks via VPN and VNC.
  • Support Netware servers.
  • Experience with Novell Administrative support software console one.
  • Support and Administration of OTG document scanning software.


Woodland Prescott, Software Developer / Application Developer                        1/2002 – 1/2003

MS Access, Visual Basic, Networking

  • Designed and implemented client database using Access.
  • Designed business software for company using Visual Basic.
  • Maintained existing Network of 40 windows 2000 computers.



Education and Training

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Weber State University

CompTia Security + Certified.