My obsession with mini Lego Land.

So in our trip to Lego Land 3 weeks ago I discovered Lego Land Miniatures. This was my favorite part of Lego Land Here is the Pictures I took.


DCAM0091 DCAM0090

DCAM0094 DCAM0093 DCAM0092 DCAM0095

DCAM0063DCAM0083 DCAM0084 DCAM0085 DCAM0086 DCAM0087 DCAM0088 DCAM0073 DCAM0074 DCAM0075 DCAM0076 DCAM0077 DCAM0078 DCAM0079 DCAM0080 DCAM0081 DCAM0082 DCAM0072 DCAM0071 DCAM0070 DCAM0069 DCAM0068 DCAM0067 DCAM0066 DCAM0065 DCAM0064

As you can tell if you have been to Lego Land that there is more. Unfortunately I was asked to move onto the kid rides. I would pay the 50dollars again just to sit for hours looking at this.


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