The Gift of games and other old junk

Stepping into the Wayback machine setting course for 1997. Yes some of you were not even born or thought of. You also did not get to enjoy the revolution of email and or the really bad angelfire or geocities websites of yor (that means long ago and far away (think first set of star wars movies)). Any way. Back to my meandering down the worm hole back to when I had hair.

If you worked in an office or had access to email you most likely got these games and “humorous” things sent to you. Good for a 10 second laugh. Trust me those email trails would go to 1000’s of people. Have to remember this was way before,, even dare I say it Sharing files was a fairly new thing and you had modems with speeds going not faster than 56k modems (that’s only if your phone line and the modem you connected to had those abilities.). Alright maybe the picture has been painted for you. Let me know if I need to give more details as I can go on and on and well you get the drift.

So here is a small collection of those email attachments that spread like wildfire. I am presenting them to you here as a small holiday token (think Hanukah or Christmas or better yet Festivus for the rest of us Present.).

So here is the hardest to find (shockwave game) on the internet Beat Dave.


My apologies for the grainy screenshot.

Next would be the ever appropriate ElfBowling. Now you can find this anywhere and everywhere however I have to mention it just because it is a great time waster. Not that I do that. Don’t forget Elfbowling 2.


Then there is frog-a-pult. awesome game in its self.


And you all are getting not only this but a plethora of others that I have collected over the years. Free! (Just be sure to thank the guys who made them.) Download the <- Yes I miss-spelled it on purpose

So remember these Games were the original apps. When Internet speeds were crappy.

Have a good day and a better holidays.

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